Step by Step video walkthrough from planning to designing E-Book.

  • Learn to Design E-Book Front and Back Cover
  • Learn to Create E-Book Inner Pages
  • Learn to Create E-Book Mockups for marketing and promotional activities

Regular Price : ₹ 2249 | $ 27

Launch Offer : ₹ 599 | $ 7

This is a No-Nonsense, No-Fluff,Over the Shoulder,High Quality Designing Training to Learn and Master Canva.

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Regular Price : ₹ 2249 | $ 27​

Launch Offer : ₹ 599 | $ 7

What You Get

FREE COURSE - Uncomplicated Designing Blueprint

  • Discover How you can create effective designs faster and better
  • Learn the Simple tools used for creating professional designs with ease.
  • Learn the basic principles in Uncomplicated Designing.

Instant Access to the Member Platform

  • Access Free Video tutorials and Content that are shared in the member Platform.
  • Access all your courses in one place. Ask questions, clear doubts and share your creations with Santhosh.
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Member Platform to Access E-Book designing Formula
Promo Mockup for Ebook Design

Step by Step Video Walkthrough

  • Perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, marketers, and educators.
  • Learn to use simple tools and methods to simplify the e-book creation process.
  • Create stunning e-books + their 3DMockups faster than ever before. 

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  • Be the first to know whenever there is a new content uploaded.
  • As questions and interact with other members of Design Clans
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Regular Price : ₹ 2249 | $ 27

Launch Offer : ₹ 599 | $ 7

Meet Santhosh Shetty
Santhosh Shetty Main

Minimalist,Uncomplicated Designer, Entrepreneur and the Founder of Design Clans.

I have been helping Entrepreneurs, Educators, Freelancers Create Better and Efficient Designs using Uncomplicated Tools and Methods.

My OWN journey started with the Complex Design Tools and the old way of creating designs. I was unhappy with the Long Creative Process I had to go through everytime I needed a Design. And outsourcing designs was not an option when I started as our company was running on a tight budget.

I wanted things to happen quickly and on Demand without effecting the Design Creative.So in my hunt to simplify and speed up the designing process i started following very specific tools, processes and methods.

I call it Uncomplicated Designing.This is the new evolved way of creating Designs.

As an Entrepreneur you can save money and time by creating designs yourself.


As a Freelancer you will be able to do more in less time. Which means more projects in less time which means opportunity to earn more.

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Regular Price : ₹ 2249 | $ 27​

Launch Offer : ₹ 599 | $ 7

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I wanted to. But there are People Who misuse it because of the Nature of Access to the Program. Because of which there is a No Refund Policy for this particular Product. I am confident it wont come to that but if you think you got 0 value out of this program, Then contact me on Social Media. Lets talk, Let me understand and I will help You Out..
It means as Long as My Business Exists You will have Lifetime Access to the Product. Not just that You will also have ACCESS to any Updates I do and Any additional Modules I add in the future.
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